The business case for STEM education

Intel is putting big money into grade-school education—and betting that it pays off. Silicon Valley has always looked for talent among the young (Mark Zuckerberg made his first billion at age 23). It’s only recently, though, that it has set its sights on grade school. The Valley isn’t trying to hire preteens (yet), but some […]

Why ‘Interstellar’ Is Great for Women in STEM

    When the mind-bending filmmaker Christopher Nolan began working on the script for “Interstellar” with his brother, Jonathan Nolan, he made a crucial change: he opted to make Murph – a brilliant scientist and one of the film’s central characters - a woman, and eventually cast Jessica Chastain for the role. The decision was reportedly […]

Calling All Makers: Announcing the First-Ever White House 3D-Printed Ornament Challenge

Here at the White House, planning for the 2014 holiday season is already in full swing! The house is buzzing with activity as preparations for the most festive time of the year are underway. Once again, President Obama and the First Lady will welcome tens of thousands of visitors from around the country to tour […]

Global STEM Alliance Encourages Kids in Science

New York Academy of Sciences empowers students from elementary school to college to study STEM fields. At the age of 12, Jaime Brens, the son of a resourceful and determined single mother, recognized the sound of opportunity knocking, and was quick to answer. He was at an after-school educational program, Good Shepherd Services at MS […]

The Aerospace Industry’s Big Challenge: Attracting Young People

In recent comments by its leader, the Aerospace Industries Association admits that it’s struggling to encourage diversity in its field, on top of getting younger generations interested in the first place. It’s not without ideas, however, as its annual contest proves. You’d think the aerospace industry—the field that literally designs aircraft and rockets, among other […]

Innovator: To get students to study STEM, Aaron Saunders says stop calling it ‘STEM’

Aaron Saunders works a day job as chief executive of Clearly Innovative, a software design and development company based in the District. Then, he and several employees head to Howard University Middle School, where they teach classes and run a summer camp to engage students with science, technology, engineering and math. These fields, collectively known as STEM, are […]

Flipped Classroom May Help Weaker STEM Students

The bottom third of students made the greatest improvements in a flipped engineering program. Flipping classrooms, in a sense, is nothing new for colleges. In the humanities – history, English and other social sciences – professors often require students to read texts and master concepts at home, then bring questions to class to delve deeper into […]

Women in STEM Begins With Girls in STEM: 7 Ways to Support a Generation of Scientific Young Women

There is an issue with trying to determine why STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is still a four-letter word to women: We’re asking the wrong question. We should be asking instead, Why is STEM still a four-letter word to girls? Representing women in technology and science begins with raising girls to become a part […]

STEM: Not just four subjects, but a set of lifelong skills

  Science, technology, engineering and math – or STEM – is arguably the most talked about education and workforce development topic today. It should be: STEM is the very foundation upon which students will build the skills and knowledge they need for a successful career, no matter their chosen profession. At Project Lead the Way, the […] ‘STEM Solves a Lot of Problems’

  The Black Eyed Peas frontman says STEM education will get America’s schools back on track. likes robots as much as he likes rapping – maybe even more so. The Grammy Award-winning musician and Black Eyed Peas frontman has supported inventor Dean Kamen’s FIRST Robotics Competitions, inspired underserved students with technology through his […]

STEMconnector®’s Innovation Task Force Releases STEM 2.0: An Imperative For Our Future Workforce

STEMconnector®’s Innovation Task Force Releases STEM 2.0 – An Imperative For Our Future Workforce (#STEM2pt0) Washington, DC — June 18, 2014 | Today STEMconnector’s Innovation Task Force released its first publication, STEM 2.0 — An Imperative For Our Future Workforce in digital and print editions. The publication is a collection of articles written by senior-level STEM leaders from the corporate, […]

Decide if a STEM High School Is Right for Your Child

The new high school in Jeannine Cerajewski’s area gave her a lot to consider. On one hand, she thought the school’s focus on science, technology, engineering and math could help her daughter Mary, then a freshman, sharpen her skills and be better prepared for college. But the Fort Wayne, Ind., parent didn’t want Mary to be a guinea pig, either. […]

Announcing the White House Science Fair and Celebrating Girls Excelling in STEM

Next week – on Tuesday, May 27 – the White House is going to be filled with robots, science projects, and more. Students from around the country are headed to the 2014 White House Science Fair hosted by President Obama, and we couldn’t be more excited. With students from a broad range of science, technology, […]

From Alfalfa to ‘Old Smokey,’ Students Use STEM to Solve Real-World Issues

Samsung celebrated the winners of its annual Solve for Tomorrow contest Wednesday. A crime-fighting math equation, a better kind of air conditioner and potentially life-saving alfalfa plants were among the five winners of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. Hailing from Florida, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Washington State, the five teams of middle-school students, teachers […]

Standards for Computer Science Education Need Improvement

At the U.S. News STEM Solutions conference, experts sound the alarm about computer science in the U.S. Support and standards for computer science education in America has a long way to go, a trio of industry and educational leaders argued April 25 at the U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference. At a panel entitled “Giving Computer Science […]

The Crucial Role of Mentors in STEM

A panel at the U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference agreed that too many students in poor, rural or underserved communities need mentoring opportunities. Mentoring a young person in the STEM fields can start as early as in pre-school, the benefits can last a lifetime and mentorship is crucial to reversing the achievement gap between black […]

Lego, National Instruments Promote ‘Hands-On’ STEM Education

  New guidelines for teaching STEM call for far more active engagement with learning material. The company that brought millions of Technicolor bricks to children’s playrooms around the world now has its eyes on overhauling STEM education. Lego, the toy-block behemoth, has worked with National Instruments for nearly 20 years to bring more hands-on learning to science, […]

Just What America Needs

Policymakers could learn some things from America’s brightest science students. How can we give America’s kids the skills and preparation they need to compete in the global economy?  It’s a critical question facing policymakers, and one of increasing importance given the economic reality that many of America’s middle-class jobs are disappearing, replaced by low-wage service […]

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Gaining STEAM: Teaching Science Through Art

Breaking down the walls between art, hard sciences and math, a new crop of educators is designing curricula that allow these subjects partner with one another, encouraging holistic learning. Across the country, teachers and administrators are coming to a similar conclusion: art informs science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and vice versa. Consequently, they are pioneering […]

Report: STEM Job Market Much Larger Than Previously Reported

The demand for students trained in science, technology, engineering and math fields may be significantly larger than previous studies have estimated, according to new data from Burning Glass Technologies.  The new analysis of millions of job postings found there were 5.7 million openings in STEM fields in 2013, 4.4 million of which required at least a bachelor’s degree and […]

Hour of Code Initiative Engages Middle School Girls in Computer Science

Celebrities, politicians and computer science industry leaders have all intensified their calls for more students to become well-versed in the language of coding and computer programming, due to a projected shortage of 1 million workers in the field by 2020. That’s why, a nonprofit advocacy group that promotes computer science education, started an initiative to […]