In 2014, the 3rd annual U.S. News STEM Solutions National Conference will take place in Washington D.C. By becoming a sponsor, your supporting investment gives you unprecedented visibility among the 2,000 change agents who are leading the charge and making a difference. Additionally, your participation provides you with an action-driven opportunity to impact the STEM conversation and play an important role in discovering solutions.

If your organization has a stake in the successful evolution of the STEM workforce in the United States and recognizes the need for real change, make your voice a part of the conversation. Make your investment where it matters.

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Sponsor Statements

Texas Instruments“The U.S. News STEM Solutions conference is a good opportunity for Texas Instruments to engage with other STEM education leaders and share ideas for growing our future workforce,” said Steve Lyle, Texas Instruments Director, Engineering Workforce Development & University Marketing. “We’re committed to partnering with educators, nonprofits, foundations and other corporations to transform STEM education in the U.S. We want to effectively develop more STEM-capable workers, creating a diverse workforce with creativity and innovative ideas and an ecosystem where innovation can thrive.”




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STEMX Battelle Cisco


Purdue Motorola Foundation att      National Instruments
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