New Research, New Voices for STEM Learning: Why STEM Afterschool Matters for the Workforce

Thursday, May 25, 2017
3:15 pm   -   4:15 pm
Room: Nautilus 4

Groundbreaking new research from a large-scale, 11-state study reveals that afterschool STEM experiences change the game for girls, students of color, and low-income youth and improve their STEM attitudes, identity, career awareness, and 21st-century social-emotional learning skills. Highlights of the findings include that more than 70 percent of students across all states reported positive gains in areas of science interest, science identity, science career interest and career knowledge, and 21st-century skills, including perseverance and critical thinking. In this session, we bring forward community voices from research, K-12, and business who can attest to the impact of afterschool and summer STEM programs as featured in the study and a new compendium. STEM Ready America highlights how young people are developing STEM knowledge and skills that will prepare them to be successful in school today and in the workforce tomorrow. Developed by STEM Next with funding from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, this collection provides persuasive evidence and real-world examples to help bring quality STEM learning to children and youth across the nation.

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