Kevin Wang

Founder and Ringleader, TEALS, Microsoft Philanthropies

Kevin Wang has an undergrad in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley and a graduate degree in Education from Harvard University.  He built and taught a 7-12 Computer Science curriculum for three years at a San Francisco Bay Area high school and additional years part time at a local Seattle area school, robotics summer camp, after school at the Community Charter School of Cambridge, and online at UMass Boston. He was a member of the MIT Teacher Education Program‘s StarLogo programming language team, where he published a paper on kids programming games using a block programming language. Wang was also an engineering fellow specializing in knowledge transfer at Lockheed Martin and Toyota.  Wang was a software engineer in the Microsoft Office 365 group when he founded TEALS in 2009. He now runs TEALS full time generously supported by Microsoft Philanthropies. Wang spends what little of his free time trying to not be outsmarted by his dog while watching British panel quiz shows.