Advanced Manufacturing: How Technology Is Changing the Game

Thursday, April 5, 2018
3:00 pm   -   4:00 pm
Room: 201
Moderator: Larry Plank, Ed.S, Director of STEM Education, Hillsborough County Public Schools

Manufacturing as we know it is changing – and fast. Driven by new technology and what some are calling a new Industrial Revolution, the field is being reshaped, and many companies are finding themselves at a crossroads. There is an urgent need to develop a workforce properly equipped to leverage these transformative technologies. The Manufacturing Institute forecasts that by 2025, U.S. companies will be facing 2 million job vacancies because of a skills gap. To remain competitive, firms must evolve by retraining workers in new modes of manufacturing, making the right investments in new tech, and working with community colleges and other partners to build capacity. Listen and learn from several innovators in advanced manufacturing about what approaches are showing real promise and the significant challenges that remain.

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