Bridging the Gap: Developing a Diverse Talent Pool

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
11:30 am   -   12:45 pm
Room: Ballroom

Women remain vastly underrepresented in corporate America, accounting for only about 1 in 5 senior leaders, with little progress to show in the last few years, according to a 2018 study by McKinsey and Black and Hispanic professionals continue to be similarly underrepresented, and they often face significant employment and wage gaps. Recruiting, retaining and advancing more women, people of color, veterans and other underrepresented populations is a key priority for many organizations, and research demonstrates that doing so can have a wide range of cultural, financial and other benefits. Success requires a multifaceted approach, including K-12 and college outreach programs, engaging with professional societies and affinity groups, and enhancing mentoring and professional development programs. This session will offer an in-depth look at some of the latest research on the diversity gap as well as solutions-oriented approaches to closing it in education and industry. Join the conversation to see what’s been successful and how inclusivity initiatives at your own institution can be improved.

Presentations and conversations include:

  • Tapping Untapped Talent: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Broadening Participation in the Workforce: A Chief Diversity Officer