Bringing More Women Into the Fold in STEM

Friday, April 6, 2018
8:45 am   -   9:45 am
Room: 202B
Moderator: Janet Bandows Koster, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Association for Women in Science

It’s no secret that women, especially women of color, remain drastically underrepresented in STEM, particularly at the executive level. Oft-cited statistics estimate that women comprise just 12 and 25 percent of the engineering and computing workforce, respectively. Many women who earn STEM degrees either never pursue or abandon careers in those fields at a higher rate than their male peers. Major efforts are underway to unearth cutting-edge solutions that both inspire women to enter and stick with STEM careers. These include a novel re-entry program from the Society of Women Engineers that is catapulting women who’ve taken significant career breaks back into workforce at high-profile STEM companies, as well as programs that help companies and schools target implicit bias in their ranks – a key reason that many women report leaving the field. Join us for an action-oriented discussion exploring the latest thinking on how to close the gender gap in key STEM professions.