Broadening Participation: Closing the Diversity Gap

Thursday, April 5, 2018
11:15 am   -   12:15 pm
Room: 202B
Moderator: Kelly Mack, Ph.D., Vice President for Undergraduate STEM Education, Executive Director, Project Kaleidoscope, Association of American Colleges and Universities

Diversity is good for business, and building inclusivity has been shown to boost innovation and improve a company’s bottom line. Yet the overall representation of people of color and women in STEM jobs hasn’t budged substantially since 2001, according to a Change the Equation analysis. Employers of all stripes say that diversifying their ranks is a top priority, but the challenges are systemic and success requires a multifaceted approach, from collaborative efforts with K-12 schools, colleges and professional societies to revamped professional development programs and workplace cultures to expanded mentoring and recruitment efforts. Companies are also increasingly tapping military veterans, a diverse, rich and underrepresented talent pool whose members combine in-demand skills with on-the-job experience. This session will feature lessons from industry and education leaders who have found success in recruiting and retaining more women, people of color and veterans in the workforce pipeline.

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