How Companies Are Strategizing to Fill Their Future STEM Needs

Friday, April 6, 2018
8:45 am   -   9:45 am
Room: 201
Moderator: Potoula Gjidija, Associate Director, Corporate Citizenship, Regeneron

In the face of a persistent shortage of workers trained in much-needed STEM skills, many employers are taking a range of approaches to invest in STEM for both the short and the long term. Some successful approaches include providing scholarships and volunteers to serve in K-12 schools and afterschool programs, expanding internship and co-op offerings, funding skills training and professional development programs, and working with schools to design industry-aligned curricula in cutting-edge fields like cybersecurity and data science. Hear from several industry executives and partners who have helped develop strong, STEM-savvy workforces about how they got there and what you can learn for your own organization.

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