Connecting the Dots, Filling in Blanks: How To Get What You Need and Why Training Matters!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018
3:00 pm   -   3:45 pm
Room: 204C

The Learners Lab Foundation will discuss what our programs are, who they target and why they are structured in the manner in which they are. The Foundation serves as “THE” link between employers who need skilled workers and the labor force who want unrestricted opportunities to learn what they want. The panel will feature an employer with specific talent needs, a representative of professional development industry, a student member of the labor pool and an representative of skilled trades as an example of how we work with each stakeholder to make desired training available and why it works. As a link that connects the labor pool and the employer/workplace with training resources, we can empower the labor pool with high demand, marketable, and transferable skills, even positioning them to be able to start their own business enterprises when training is open and accessible.

– Jerri D. Thomas, MBA, MPA, PhD., ED (underway), Founder, CEO & Chief Resource Officer, The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF)
– Ralph Franklin, Jr., Founder & CEO, NeoDynamic Enterprises

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