Cultivating Lifelong Learners and World Changers: STEM Partnerships that Develop the Next Generation of Community Leaders

Thursday, April 5, 2018
11:15 am   -   12:15 pm
Room: 204A/B
Moderator: Meredith Morris, Global Education Leader, The Dow Chemical Company

In the STEM world, we talk a lot about the subject matter mastery a student needs in order to enter into a successful science or tech career path. In recent years, the discussion around the importance of sharing this knowledge has broadened to include the skills students need to master – for example, leadership, collaboration, and resiliency – in order to succeed in a 21st-century career. The combination of this subject matter expertise and critical skills sets has the potential to change lives and the world, but why do students have to wait until they enter the workforce to make a positive impact on issues that matter to them? From the perspective of a global corporation, leading nonprofits, and a student world changer, this panel will explore how collaborative STEM partnerships focusing on areas such as sustainability, inclusion, and volunteerism and service are creating the next generation of STEM professionals and empowered local and global citizens.

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