Earn and Learn: Moving Toward Lifelong Learning Through Apprenticeships and Upskilling

Thursday, April 5, 2018
3:00 pm   -   4:00 pm
Room: 202A
Moderator: Katie Spiker, Senior Federal Policy Analyst, National Skills Coalition

As employers look for ways to address skills gaps in their ranks, apprenticeships and so-called upskilling programs are increasingly seen as critical mechanisms to prime the pipeline. Apprenticeship programs can enable firms to get a talent pool with on-the-job training in the skills they critically need, reducing productivity losses and overtime costs tied to unfilled positions. And analysts agree that the workers who will be best positioned for the future are those that can stay nimble and more frequently enhance their skills while working. In response, many companies are expanding their in-house training and retraining programs to better equip employees working with advanced technologies, for instance. Others have partnered with community colleges or nontraditional education providers to bolster upskilling efforts for workers of all ages and backgrounds. This session will provide insights into how to create effective workforce-based learning programs through apprenticeships and employee training efforts.