Spotlight on Cybersecurity Jobs

Thursday, April 5, 2018
11:15 am   -   12:15 pm
Room: 204C
Moderator: Sabrina Gómez, Senior Director, ExpandED Pathways, ExpandED Schools

As data breaches become more commonplace and costly, strengthening digital infrastructure is an increasingly important goal for many companies, government agencies and consumers. Cybersecurity jobs are already in high demand, and forecasts project a shortage of more than a million workers with the right skills for these jobs in the next several years. Educators and employers are working to meet the demand by developing up-to-date pathway programs, expanding credentials and nondegree options, and building out public-private partnerships to prime the pipeline. Hear from several experts on the front lines of the field about where cybersecurity is heading and how academia and industry can work together to fill these jobs.