Dave Clayton

Senior Vice PresidentConsumer Insights Strada Education Network

Dave Clayton leads the consumer insights research of Strada Education Network. To empower education consumers’ voices, the research explores the higher education and work experiences of American adults ages 18-65. Understanding the motivations, educational pathways and individual outcomes is central in Strada’s work to support Completion With a Purpose(r).

Through this research with adults, alumni, current students and employers, Strada has built the largest database of education consumer insights to date.

 With expertise in psychology, market research and branding, Clayton has broad and deep experience bridging research to action. After leading the nonprofit and public affairs market research team with Harris Interactive, he spent over a decade immersed in social impact marketing and nonprofit branding in the areas of education, financial inclusion, health and sustainable development. These opportunities allowed him to work with a full range of organizations – from global, national, regional and local nonprofits and foundations to membership associations to global businesses. That background provides him with a unique lens on all the levers that can be activated to strengthen individuals, communities and society.

Clayton earned a doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill and his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University. He was an assistant clinical professor and licensed psychologist in BYU’s university counseling and career center.