Ellen Sherratt, Ph.D.

Deputy Director, Center on Great Teachers and Leaders, American Institutes for Research
Recruiting and Retaining Top-Notch STEM Teachers in K-12
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Ellen Sherratt, Ph.D. is Deputy Director of the Center on Great Teachers and Leaders (GTL Center) at American Institutes for Research, which supports states and regional center partners in ensuring access to excellent educators for all students. Her work focuses on the areas of teacher shortages, recruitment, retention, leadership/voice, career pathways and compensation, human capital management systems, equitable access to excellent educators, international teacher quality policy, and the perspectives of teachers from the Millennial Generation. Her writing has been featured in major national outlets including Education Week, Educational Leadership, and Kappan, and she has coauthored two books: Everyone at the Table: Engaging Teachers in Evaluation Reform and Improving Teacher Quality: A Guide for Education Leaders. She has presented at meetings of researchers, state departments of education, state boards of education, state teachers of the year, and state legislators. She also serves as president of the board of directors of The Teacher Salary Project. Dr. Sherratt earned her bachelor degree in economics from Cornell University and her doctoral degree in education from the Oxford University, where her dissertation focused on teacher shortages and teacher compensation.