Gregory H. Johnson

National Innovation and Strategy Advisor, Boy Scouts of America

Gregory H. Johnson (Col, USAF, Ret.) is a former Air Force officer, aerospace engineer, fighter/test pilot, MBA and NASA astronaut. He is currently the Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Advisor to the National Foundation, Boy Scouts of America. He also serves as Executive Director of Newton’ s Road, a youth development non-profit, and the Managing Director of the Traverse City Space Accelerator, a division of Boomerang Catapult, LLC. He supports multiple boards in the non-profit and space sectors. In the Air Force, Johnson flew numerous aircraft including the F-15E in combat operations. With NASA, Johnson was the pilot aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour on the STS-123 and STS-134 missions. After leaving NASA in 2013, Johnson served as Executive Director for the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, a non-profit that managed the ISS National Laboratory, complementing NASA’s traditional projects to facilitate non-traditional innovation, commercial research, technology demonstration, and STEM education.