Kathleen Schofield

Executive DirectorNortheast Florida Regional STEM2 Hub

Kathleen Schofield is the Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Regional STEM2 Hub. Schofield holds a master’s degree in education with an emphasis on technology integration into math and science, and a certificate in educational leadership. She is currently a doctoral candidate researching the impact of administrative leadership on teacher quality in elementary mathematics instruction. Schofield is a national STEM Fellow working to advance STEM policy across the state and nation. Schofield has presented at multiple conferences at the state and national levels and has published in multiple peer-reviewed journals. She has served as an adjunct professor at the University of North Florida, teaching Math Methods for Elementary Teachers.

Prior to joining the STEM2 Hub, Schofield served as the STEM Supervisor for the Clay County School District, serving over 36,000 students in 41 schools. In this capacity, she developed a nationally recognized STEM program, in which 97% of all schools in the district have a robotics program. Further, she led the development of both a district and regional partnership with Code.org to provide access to facilitator and teacher training and resources. Schofield has written and been awarded over $14 million in competitive grants, implementing multiple successful STEM programs yielding strong learning gains for both teachers and students.

Schofield has served on numerous state and national committees, including the State of Florida Department of Education Alignment Study, Mathematics Standards Setting, and Item Review. Further, she was on the team of 24 educational leaders who represented Florida at the national level on the PARCC Educator Leader Cadre. She participated in mathematics item review for the PARCC Assessment. Schofield serves on accreditation teams across the nation for district systems accreditation, as well as STEM school accreditations.

As an expert standards and assessment, Schofield is a national consultant in lesson study with a focus on shifting instruction in math and science classrooms towards an inquiry-based, collaborative setting by embracing the standards for mathematical practices, and uncovering student misconceptions in math and science.