Read why our sponsors see value in participating at STEM Solutions:


“Our team felt that the show was an amazing success. Great job and thank you! We will definitely do the show again!”  – Office Depot


“We have a long-standing relationship with U.S. News, and it’s just one of the things we feel like we want to support, we want to promote, and we just really believe in STEM education and that STEM is important. It helps us have an avenue for making new connections.”  – American Institutes for Research


“I would say this conference is definitely a very focused mission as opposed to the other conferences I go to. The stakeholders here are different than other conferences, in a very refreshing way.”
   – Jobs for the Future




National Instruments“The U.S. News STEM Solutions Conference is an ideal opportunity to share industry insights and partner with business, education, and government leaders to connect the dots between STEM education and careers. Many of the world’s most significant engineering challenges will be met decades in the future by the next generation of engineers and scientists. National Instruments believes the best way to encourage students to pursue careers in engineering and science is to give them rigorous, but fun, hands-on experiences with real-world engineering tools. We invest in improving science and engineering education globally to motivate and empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s innovators.”  – Ray Almgren, National Instruments, Vice President, Marketing 



Amgen Foundation_BLU_lrg “Winning the fight against serious illness requires continued innovation and a large pool of  talented researchers and scientists to meet these needs.  By sparking a love of science and supporting young people who pursue it as a career through programs like the Amgen Biotech Experience, the Amgen Foundation hopes to fuel science innovation and create a brighter, healthier future for all. We are proud to support this year’s US News STEM Solutions conference to help raise visibility around the importance of investing in strong STEM programs.”Eduardo Cetlin, President, Amgen Foundation


Freescale“The U.S News STEM Solutions conference gives Freescale a chance to collaborate with other industry, academic and nonprofit leaders to improve science, technology, engineering and math education. The STEM Solutions conference is THE U.S. hot spot for STEM best-practice sharing, networking, brainstorming and inspiration. We believe that an investment in STEM education is an investment in our future. By educating a new generation of STEM leaders, Freescale gets the chance to inspire future employees and drive the innovation that will propel our industry forward. With the help of educators, nonprofits and other businesses, we hope to make the world a smarter, better place.” – Rick Morales, Director of Freescale Community Engagement and Inclusion, and Executive Director of the Freescale Foundation. *STEM Solutions Sponsor since 2013.

Chevron“Education is the backbone of a strong workforce and helps fuel the innovation needed to address some of the world’s biggest challenges. Our business is rooted in engineering and science, and we rely on top talent to think outside-the-box to discover new, safe and efficient ways to deliver affordable energy. We understand the importance of STEM education and know firsthand that having a robust supply of STEM workers is vital to ensuring economic competitiveness – for businesses and for our country. The STEM Solutions National Conference is a great opportunity for businesses, government leaders, nonprofit organizations and others to discuss the STEM education landscape, best practices for enhancing STEM skills and interests in the United States, and the private sector’s role in supporting STEM education.”Blair Blackwell, Manager of Education and Corporate Programs at Chevron Corporation.


“Supporting education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields is critical to workforce development and diversity, as well as securing America’s bright energy future. Pro-energy development policies, along with other types of growth, could result in nearly 1.3 million job opportunities by 2030 for American workers; almost a quarter of these jobs are projected to be in scientific and managerial fields, according to a recent report by IHS. API is proud to sponsor the U.S. News STEM Conference and engage with education leaders, explore the many opportunities available to young Americans and underline the importance of science, technology, education and mathematics (STEM) to maintaining our nation’s global leadership.”- Jack Gerard, President & CEO, American Petroleum Institute



“At Shell, working to promote inclusion is not merely a human resources initiative. It is at the very core of how we do business. As we build our technical workforce pool, it is imperative that we develop ALL of the potential available to us. At Shell, that means casting a wide net for the future Shell workforce. Two areas of emphasis are making non-traditional energy jobs more accessible to women and providing support for educators to inspire students to pursue Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. Our Commitment to Workforce Development will help us smooth the transition into the Shell of tomorrow. The US News STEM Conference provides Shell with a forum to engage with educators to share information about the energy industry and ways to make STEM more exciting and interesting for their students.” – Michael J. Alvarez, Shell Manager, Workforce Development Initiative


Lego“At least 8 million jobs available to college graduates in 2018 will be in STEM professions. To put that into perspective, STEM careers are expected to grow by 17% from 2008 to 2018, compared to 9.8% growth for non-STEM occupations. (Source: U.S. Department of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration: STEM: Good Jobs Now and for the Future, July 2011). What does this mean for businesses who are not investing back in STEM? Bottom line: Lack of future workers and business. The STEM Solutions National Conference is a great opportunity for businesses and industry to meet like-minded education companies they can engage with to ensure investment in STEM programs today that will have an impact on the future of their companies. LEGO Education believes this is a critical calling to ensure we are developing the talent required to continue economic development, technological advancement and maintain our country’s competitive edge. The STEM Solutions event is a great chance to start and develop those key relationships to help prepare tomorrow’s creative problem solvers to meet industry demands.” – Stephan Turnipseed, President Emeritus and Senior Director Strategic Partnerships, LEGO Education


ACT Logo“At ACT, we are focused on utilizing our data and research to promote educational and career opportunities for traditional, as well as non-traditional, students in the STEM arena. At the 2014 US News STEM Solutions National Conference we will be highlighting the initial ACT STEM Condition Report. In this report, we take a detailed look at the expressed and measured interest of students in STEM and align that data with their aptitudes in Science and Math. We have also developed a STEM categorization which helps parents, educators, STEM Councils, as well as business and industry leaders, focus on the strengths of current programs and initiatives.” – Steve Kappler, ACT, Assistant Vice President and Head of Postsecondary Strategy


Texas Instruments“The U.S. News STEM Solutions conference is a good opportunity for Texas Instruments to engage with other STEM education leaders and share ideas for growing our future workforce. We’re committed to partnering with educators, nonprofits, foundations and other corporations to transform STEM education in the U.S. We want to effectively develop more STEM-capable workers, creating a diverse workforce with creativity and innovative ideas and an ecosystem where innovation can thrive.” – Steve Lyle, Texas Instruments Director, Engineering Workforce Development & University Marketing


GMC Logo“GM and the GM Foundation are committed to improving education in America to ensure the next generation of STEM professionals have the necessary skills and foundation to compete globally,” said Ken Barrett, GM Chief Diversity Officer. “There continues to be demand for high caliber talent, especially in the automotive industry. Through industry partnerships and our Buick Achiever’s Scholarship program, we’re providing resources to encourage student interest in STEM-related fields and ensure an excellent education is available for our future workforce.” – Ken Barrett, GM Chief Diversity Officer


USASEF“U.S. News STEM Solutions and the USA Science & Engineering Festival are united in the belief that STEM education is the bedrock of our nation’s future. I couldn’t be more pleased that the two organizations are joining together in April 2014 to fill the Washington Convention Center with over a quarter million students, parents, teachers, scientists, innovators, as well corporate and government leaders. All to engage, excite and inspire young minds with interactive exhibits, talks, demonstrations and entertainment.” – Larry Bock, USASEF Inspiration and Founder